The following scholarships awarded to graduating seniors are funded by the investment growth of the OCSEF endowment. In 2019, 21 seniors were awarded a total of $26,500 without spending down the endowment.

A scholarship is given to a senior who is pursuing a Family Consumer Science, Design, or Human Development related career.

2019 Winner: Mercedes Brown

A scholarship is given by the family and friends of the Cameron family in memory of Carolyn Cameron Carter, and Kathleen and Gordon Cameron.

2019 Winner: Kelsey Vierow

Given by the family and friends of Jean and Richard Howe, who were firm believers in community involvement.  Jean was instrumental in starting the OCS Education Foundation, and Richard was a great supporter of this work and the school.  These scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors continuing their education full-time in two-year schools.  Preference is given to students who have demonstrated a strong civic commitment with the encouragement that they continue to make the world a better place.

2019 Winners: Rachel Toomey, Wesley Corr

These scholarships are made available through the generosity of Gary and Jean (Delaney) Keehfus, members of Onondaga Central’s Class of 1962.  Two scholarships will be given to students who will be attending four-year colleges and two scholarships will be given to students attending two-year or technical schools.  Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, participated in school activities, and served the greater OCS community.

2019 Winners: Katelyn Marcy, Jason Holbrook, Danielle Field, Kiersten Bower

A scholarship given to a student who will be furthering his or her education in a technical field of study such as automobile technology, agriculture, nursing, or cosmetology.  This scholarship has been made possible through the generosity of Mr. Wayne L. Fellows (OCS ’65) and his wife Carol Fellows.

2019 Winner: Gabrielle Slaski

A scholarship is awarded from a fund bequeathed by Philip E. Moore, OCS Class of 1975, in recognition of the educational values and careers of his father, Warren E. Moore, who was Onondaga Central School Principal from 1953 to 1958 and Superintendent from 1959 to 1974, and his grandfather, E. Stewart Powlesland, who was Principal of Onondaga Valley Academy from 1925 to 1965.  This scholarship is given to a college-bound senior whose record predicts academic success.  The recipient is an outstanding all-around student as demonstrated by high academic achievement, active participation in extra-curricular activities, a record of service to the community, and a strong work ethic.

2019 Winner: Adam Wood

This scholarship is created and funded by generous members of the Class of 1965.  This award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated service to the school and community, a strong work ethic, and promising academic potential.

2019 Winner: Nathan Frye

The criteria for these scholarships are academic potential, academic record, work record, service to OCS, and service to community.  OCSEF scholarships are funded by its endowment along with donations from District residents, local businesses, and OCS alumni.

2019 Winners: Theresa Seton, Logan Fisher, Brian Gantley, Carly Smith, Abigail Wadsworth, Patrick Fisher, Ryan Brill, Madison Jaynes, Emily Cutri, Austin Naughton

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